eCommerce & Statamic - a match made in heaven!

Published: September 22nd, 2021

Recently I had a bit of a conundrum to solve, and it relates to my leaving Joomla behind.

I have a project that while in its early stages (just started wireframes) it has been on the books for a few months - long ago enough that the solution I sold was Joomla based. This website is to include an online store, and although I would typically use Shopify as the platform of choice for eCommerce projects, in this instance the shop was secondary to the other areas of the site and there will only be a small number of products - hence a Joomla solution.

Now because we hadn't started building the site and it's bye bye Joomla I wanted to find a way to use Statamic for the project. Enter Simple Commerce. Simple Commerce is exactly what it says - a simple eCommerce solution addon for Statamic.

Although it is called Simple Commerce it does have more than basic features. It allows you to use coupons, have product variants (size, colour etc) and you can setup shipping how ever you want, and because it's all built on Statamic you have all that flexibility too - for example I need to use Australia Post for shipping calculation - no problem!

To have a play with Simple Commerce I setup my own little site and store and was amazed at how easy it was to get up and running, and how simple it was to change things to do what I needed. During my testing I came across a couple of small issues that I needed to resolve and Duncan was able to fix them quickly.

So I had the conversation with client about a change of platform - they're all good, and are happy in the knowledge that we'll deliver the right solution - I can't wait to get started building!

There are other eCommerce options with Statamic - including integration with Shopify and no doubt I'll get the chance to look at them too.


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