Joomla Tags - They could be better

Published: September 5th, 2019

One of the features that came late to the core of Joomla was Tags. These were introduced a couple of versions back and the use of tags allows you to “tag” articles for searching and filtering, however their implementation is a bit lacking.

If you think about tags in the Wordpress world they can be added to every blog post so that visitors to the site can quickly find/filter posts based on topics (tags), and while Joomla does this also, when you use Tags out of the box it’s layout it poor.

If you’re using Tags for a blog or news section on your website, you’ve probably gone to the effort of designing your blog page with nice images and layout, so when you click on a tag to view it’s related articles you expect the layout to be the same as your blog landing page – and it’s not.

I have done a lot of work creating layout overrides for the tag list layout so that it looks the same as my category blog layouts, and I use this all the time, and it still baffles me that in the core the tag list and category blog are not the same.

Anyway, that’s the end of my short rant on tags. If you’re interested to see my layout overrides just shoot me a message.


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