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My Favourite components: RSForm!PRO

Published: January 17th, 2019

One of the components that I use most, pretty much in every Joomla website I develop is RSForm!PRO. As the name suggests it’s a forms component that allows you to add any kind of form to your Joomla website.

One of the reasons I love this component is its flexibility. You can create a simple contact form with 3 or 4 fields, right though to forms that allow you to take payments, setup user accounts or send data off to other external systems – and I’ve done all those things.

While there is a lot of flexibility in how you can use the component it is still very user friendly so that once the features you need are setup it’s simple enough for an administrator to edit and add new forms as needed.

Another feature that I have used a few times is the multi-page form capability. Sometimes there is no way to get around a long form with many fields, so using the multi-page feature allows you to break the form up into smaller chunks and guide the user through the form process.

Some other type of forms I have developed for clients include:

  • Conditional fields where different options appear based on answer to questions

  • Online invoice payments via gateways such as Strip, PayPal and eWay

  • Donation forms with recurring payments

  • Member registration forms that create a user account and request an administrator approve the account

  • Newsletter signup forms with Mailchimp integration

  • Forms that integrate with external systems such as Salesforce

  • Forms that perform calculations based on values entered in fields

RSForm!PRO also allows you to send various emails to both the website administrator and the person completing the form. Emails can also be directed to different administrators based on options selected in the form – perfect for an enquiry form with General, Sales and Billing departments.

In the 10 years that I have been using this component there isn’t anything I haven’t wanted to do and not been able to – it really is that flexible. The support that is provided by RSJoomla is excellent and they’re always willing to help with any issues that arise.

You can find out more about RSForm!PRO on the RSJoomla website, or chat to us at Mity.


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